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Inking using vector layers on manga studio 5 by martinacecilia Inking using vector layers on manga studio 5 by martinacecilia

Celsys expanded vector layers SO MUCH from the previous version of the software (manga studio EX4 or comic studio). It's now an incredibly helpful and powerful tool.

I'm using the japanese version of manga studio 5 (called Clip studio paint) with a fan translation so tools could have different names but everything should be fairly the same barren some personal settings.
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rinchendawa Featured By Owner Edited Dec 16, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
I heard that Celsys rolled out the Japanese version CSP 1.5 now, which has an animation editor. Do you know of any fan translation for this new version? The English version 1.5 has no release date scheduled yet. BTW I like the art you make with CSP. I find those Japanese sex dolls that most manga artists do somehow pervert and bad for kids.
Lunangel07 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015  Hobbyist
Thank you so much! There aren't that many tutos out there for MS5/CSP   ;u;   so thanks again <3
candaceleeparks Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the help with Manga Studio 5...hard to find simple tutorials on this program :/
Hug emoticon 
kurisutaru Featured By Owner Edited Jun 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The only thing I dislike with video tutorials is if you only need one small bit of info you forgot, you may have to sit through the whole video for that one little detail you need. This is why I like written tutorials over video, easier to find just the part you need, and not sit through it. Worse when you sitting waiting for it then find that it never covered what you needed or was about something else and the title misled you.
"What was that one option I forgot?"
*sits through 20 minutes of other stuff, find oiut it don't cover that bit you need.. sighs and moves onto yet another tut*
Hend15 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I did watch this video it helped me a lot Thank you so much for making it , I don't know how I'm going to thank you ^^
ADE-doodles Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Professional General Artist
woah, outstanding Info THANKS!!
ALMcNelly Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you so much!!!!
TigersharkFreak Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When i click the new layer with the cube box, the rainbow icon doesn't show up on the layer? Can you help?
charliebrown028 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014
WOW I'm so glad I bought Manga Studio, so much better tan PS for drawing IMO. Didn't know this thanks for the video.
Kevin-Phillips Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
LOVE Vector Layers! That's always how I ink realistic comics work, but they may be even MORE valuable if you do cartoons with the app.
sock87 Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Student General Artist
your tut is great! :D
Nekooutrage Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This has been super helpful
Thanks so much for showing this
BloodyWillie Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013
I love you for this tutorial, it helps a lot : >
MrBIGAL Featured By Owner May 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much for sharing!
carlospita Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thank you. This vid has answered so many questions for me. I've been playing around with MS5 since I purchased it and I've been looking for some decent tutorials. I actually thought that the vector tools were somewhat limited, but you have pleasantly proved me wrong. ;)

Andyjeff Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013
Manga 5 vectors do not seem to have a function to change line colour - the only method I have discovered is by using the vector magnet to cover one line with another of a different colour. Does Clip Studio offer an alternative?
martinacecilia Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013  Professional General Artist
uhm, actually my version of MS5 does. but not with the eyedropper, you have to select it with the tool that resembles a little cube (operation-->object). Once you've selected the line (or multiple lines holding shift key) you change the color in the tool property tab. or in any of the color tabs (color slider or color set etc etc). that eyedropper thing is really annoying tho. I really hope they'll fix it.
Vertous Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Student Artist
well u can get the english version now... so u wont have to have a fan translation.
martinacecilia Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Professional General Artist
yeah I know, except this works perfectly fine, I'm not that willing to pay twice for the same product if it already works well
Vertous Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Student Artist
yeah ik what u mean.
shermcohen Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Outstanding...this will help me jump right in without wasting hours reading the user guides :)
NikoleArt Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thank you so much for the video, itīs gonna be realle useful :)
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